Founded in autumn 2018, the Institut Stanislas de Boufflers, which now has over 200 members (2022), aims to bring together specialists from all walks of life who share the ambition to work towards protecting and enhancing innovation.

The aim is to forge responsible innovation in the service of the general interest.

To this end, the Institute produces reports for public authorities and organises events to advance the debate on the protection of innovation.

From an institutional point of view, the Institute is led by a Board of Directors headed by a Supervisory Committee and a Bureau.

The Scientific Committee of the Institute sets the guidelines.

Anyone who pays the membership fee can join the Institute and participate in its activities.

The Executive Body

Matthieu Dhenne  President

Benjamin Mollet-Viéville GeneralSecretary

Grégoire Hadot-Péricard  Vice General Secretary

Nicolas Binctin Co-Scientific Director

Henry Delcamp Co-Scientific Director

Aujain Eghbali Treasurer

The Management Team

Elliot Amzallag Community Manager

Didier Patry Partnerships Manager


Lisa Benabdeslam Coordinations Manager

Romain Bourdon De Boufflers Editions Manager

Clara Grudler Innovation News Manager

François-rené Lebatard Events Manager

Honorary Members

Jacques Azéma

Marie Courboulay

Charles de Haas